Upcycle is a circular manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California.


Better practices. Better garments.


While other brands focus on a few areas of sustainability, Upcycle takes a holistic approach and manages our entire supply chain from textile through manufacturing.

By overseeing every part of the process we ensure all steps are taken to create apparel that leaves the lowest possible impact.

Our goal is to convert consumers back to educated customers that understand what impact their clothing has on our environment.



The Upcycle Commitment

We are a Los Angeles based manufacturer and wholesaler that specializes in sustainable apparel.

All steps of the manufacturing process from knitting, dying, cutting and sewing are done domestically and responsibly.

Our recycling stream converts textile waste into yarn that can be used for new products.

These sustainable practices not only lower our carbon footprint but also result in the highest quality garments in the apparel industry.


The average t-shirt travels 16,000 miles for production.

Upcycle’s travels only 5 miles.



We are shifting the way the garment industry operates


Incorporating daily practices that take care of our employees and planet is key.

Our Los Angeles factories employ some of the highest paid workers in the garment industry. We provide safe, clean working conditions for all our workers.

We only produce only what is ordered to avoid overproducing unwanted garments that create a negative impact on the environment.